The advanced LED bulbs of Forever Light are an excellent substitute for inefficient conventional lighting systems. They are highly energy-efficient and friendly to the environment, reducing power draw by up to 90%. Forever Light LED bulbs find wide application, in particular as primary light sources in the residential and office spaces.
We have a wide range of bulbs with the following base types:
GU10, GU5,3, E14, E27, G4, G9 and G24


LED ceiling lamps are a range of elegant, advanced products that are successfully replacing the commonly used halogen bulbs and lamps. Thanks to a precisely aimed light beam, they are a fine choice for apartments and homes as well as for public and commercial spaces. Forever Light lamps can be found, for instance, in restaurants, hotels, stores or cultural institutions.


LED floodlights manufactured by Forever Light are used in gardens, parks, production and storage buildings, on car parks and in sports facilities. With their high protection rating, they are also a reliable solution whenever the weather conditions are harsh and the maintenance or repair of lighting systems is difficult (roads, bridges, objects located at large heights). Some of the models also come with a motion sensor to switch on automatically.
The offering of Forever Light includes floodlights with wattage ranging
from 10 to 200 W.
W ofercie Forever Light dostępne są naświetlacze o mocach
od 10 do 200 W.


Decorative bulbs can be used to create unique light effects. RGB models with a remote control can be adjusted to adapt the colour temperature to your mood, while coloured bulbs will be an excellent choice for your garden or balcony. Combine different colours using dedicated rope lights to create an unlimited number of different lighting arrangements.


The line of Forever Light worklights is addressed to employees of construction companies, auto mechanics and anyone who requires reliable lighting for difficult working conditions. Our portable floodlights can be connected together using dedicated tripods to make it easier to direct the light beam wherever needed. Models with batteries can operate for up to 4 hours, lighting up all areas where finding a power source is difficult.


The new line of UV-C light sources with the ozonation feature is the perfect solution to stop bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microbes. Use these lamps regularly in residential spaces, offices or cars to make sure that the air you breathe is clean and healthy. This way, you will reduce the risk of allergies and respiratory diseases.

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